B Current = A Bridge for Social Entrepreneurship

Connecting social entrepreneurs

with impact investors

Social Enterprise Meet-ups

Meetings held seasonally since December 12, 2013

In Taiwan, we hope to establish a home for social enterprise-oriented companies with managers hosting forums and inviting industry experts as participants. The concept of 1+1=11 (social entrepreneurs + industrial entrepreneurs) will multiply our effectiveness. In this way social enterprises can connect the required networks with the resources. Just like links in a chain, the support and participation of industry in this movement can effectively lead to social innovations and ventures that connect with the public.


The contents of these quarterly meetings will depend on the actual needs at the time. With regards to the six major issues (the disadvantaged, long-term care, education, environmental protection, sustainable agriculture, and community development), information sharing and discussions will include, but are not limited to, entrepreneurship, experience-sharing, corporate governance implementation, team recruitment, business development, fund raising, policy and regulation making and much more.

“Social entrepreneurs are not content to just give you a fish or even a fishing rod; they will not be stopped until the overall ecosystem of fisheries has been transformed.”

Bill Drayton

Founder and CEO of Ashoka

Venture Philanthropy Round Table Meeting
Meetings held every six months since July 8, 2015

At present, the Venture Philanthropy Organization (VPO) and intermediary organizations have been making connections and promoting social welfare in Taiwan. The hope is to share and exchange ideas regarding the innovations of social enterprises and to influence investment in Taiwan. The aim is to develop a vision which is complementary, can overcome obstacles, master opportunities, and support sound Taiwanese social enterprises. Another goal is to develop an ecological system that will cooperate with the AVPN (Asian Venture Philanthropy Network) and other international organizations and activities. The aim here is to bring Taiwanese enterprises into the international realm while bringing international resources to Taiwan.