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To reform Taiwan dairy:

"A vet found milk with fair trade and quality offer"  


The challenges in Taiwanese dairy farms are harsh: consumers cannot identify what kind of dairy products they really buy, the vets who are capable to treat the cows are in shortage, and purchasing price of raw milk is sometimes unreasonable, the quality of fresh milk is not equal in the dairy market.

And  foreign milk import volume is increasing  dramatically in the next 15 years ,more severe competition is coming.

The team, PureMilk, regards themselves as responsible reformers in the industry.



PureMilk, the one and only milk brand in Taiwan founded by a dairy cattle vet, has been committed to overturn the unfair trade in local dairy industry, in hope of giving new solution to the issue of food safety.

The vet team supervises the whole productive process in dairy farm , and  emphasizes on fair trade with the farm which is well-managed. With thorough veterinary cares, PureMilk persists  no ingredient adjustment high-quality milk offered to consumer via own website and many innovative channel, including coffee shop, bakery, tea house, drug store, organic store, supermarket and convenience store.

Seeking making phenomenal change in the industry, Aga, the founder of Pure Milk, respects the power of people who determined to take action backing up the dairy farmers.