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Dialogue in the Dark Taipei 

"Releasing oneself – Breaking the limitations"


The major objectives of setting up DID Taipei are to provide innovative and inspirational learning experiences for corporations and the general public.  Meanwhile, it can create high value-added and self-esteemed job opportunities for the VI( visually impaired ) persons. It also aims to be a role model in terms of company management, operation and innovation in the Chinese social enterprise community. It is also expected to attract more private capital to invest into public warfare.


We aim to provide the following solutions:


  1. Enhance the confidence of VI persons.  Assist them to be more engaged with the society.

  2. Enhance general public’s identity with the VI persons, so that more job opportunities can be released to them to reduce social burden.

  3. Enhance general public’s abilities in communications, leadership and collaboration through the special training environment and the attributes of VI persons.  This can also boost up the empathy towards them.




For the past six years since 2010, DID had conducted over 520 workshops and more than 17,000 people had participated – they are from the government agencies, social welfare institutions, religion groups, local and multinational enterprises.  They all had directly or indirectly changed their perspective towards the VI persons. The perspective change can bring more job opportunities to the VI persons, and they can be more accepted by the society, boosting up the social harmony. 60% of our staff members are handicapped persons.  We had trained more than 45 VI facilitators – and we had indirectly helped improve their quality of lives. We strive to continue our efforts to accomplish these goals, meanwhile, to be financially self-sufficient.


We specialize in creating innovative training programs in a totally dark environment. Our products include “ dialogue in the dark workshop “ and “ concert in the dark “.

The workshop is an objective-based experience training program.  It is designed to enhance the participants abilities in communications, teamwork, leadership, empathy, identity, and perspective changes – at the end, social harmony can be expected.  While the “ concert in the dark “ provides the participants relaxation, entertainment, interactive and healing experiences. We capitalize the talent and attributes of the VI facilitators to strengthen their confidence, communications and collaborations.  We also help the participants to enhance their skills through these special programs. This also enables them to understand the significance of accepting the handicapped persons into the society.



Dialogue in the Dark Taipei