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The Can

"Design to create a sustainable community care system"


Sanxia Dist, New Taipei City, like many other urban and rural areas in Taiwan, from the early development of the sightseeing Old Street as well as the old town area where the Tsu-shih Temple is located, to the new urban planning area in the NTPU Special Area and the upcoming MRT Line which the National Taipei University is as the center of the development for the recent 10 years, the overall life functions seem comprehensive enough, yet the traditional crafts, the eco-environment, and the liberal arts education are gradually vanishing. And the most desperate thing of all is that we have children from the disadvantaged families who have been excluded by the society, struggling alone in schoolwork and living.



Since transforming the deserted three-section compound to be a place for art, culture and catering in 2006, The Can have been inviting musicians and artist groups to hold events with local craftsmen, publishing The Can Magazine to record the folk lives in Taiwan through stories featuring different people, developing the cultural & creative product of good luck wishes "Crack for Safety", providing spaces and design services for products and exhibitions. In recent years, The Can have also planned social enterprise learning tours, and run the featured store He Nai Chuan Soyfoods Factory to make high quality soy foods like soy milk, tofu, and dried bean curd with soybeans produced by the local contract farmers in Taiwan.    

The Can have also launched local sustainable development projects featuring support for the disadvantaged, culture of craft arts, care for the environment, and industry features with a group of community volunteers. The Taiwan Corp. Sustainable Urban and Rural Care Association was founded in 2015, renovating and repurposing the unused spaces to build the Grass Book House for disadvantaged children and Grass Vocational School for the disadvantaged teens, in the hope of changing the life of every child struggling with the hardship of living in a low-income, single-parent or grand-parent family, or involving in drug-related crimes.


Through the dual-track operation model which integrates the culture & creative business as well as the community association, The Can invests its business surplus earnings, professional abilities and social resources in taking on challenges the community faces

The Can