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Reconstructing "a real lifestyle"


Our lives are filled with too many unnecessary chemical additives in our food sources, causing chronic maladies. Aside from the physically negative effects, they also cause systematic deterioration of the ecological environment. The existing framework of so-called natural and organic products cannot effectively solve the problem.



The solution will involve the research and development, planting, and marketing of healthy fresh products, such as raw sprouts and vegetables, baby salads, pesticide-free red beans, as well as the extraction or matching of these vital raw materials. Marketing and development of this produce must maintain a clean start-from-scratch approach, enhancing their characteristics with more transparent and honest packaging and markings. The challenge goes beyond meeting the standards of so-called organic and natural foods. We must actively go into campuses and into the large bazaar markets to promote sustainable food and agricultural education. Promoting the construction of “a real lifestyle” will go a long way toward making more people conscious of their diet and food.

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