B Current = A Partner in the Race

Mutual facilitation and growth without losing sight of our origins 


BCI2 supports the 17 items of The Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations (Sustainable Development Goals, or SDGs). The three main facets include a balance between economic growth, social progress and environmental protection. In Taiwan, we pay special attention to those who are disadvantaged and we also emphasize education, long-term care, environmental protection, sustainable agriculture, and community development. We invest in these six areas through community groups, and in traditional and B Corps, thereby creating a complementary value chain and ecosystem through mutual assistance.

The Disadvantaged
Long-term Care
Environmental Protection
Sustainable Agriculture
Community Development


BCI2 hopes to team up, guide, and grow together with all social enterprises, while never forgetting our roots. We look to partner with them and adhere to these ten key principles:

1. Use business as a model to solve social and environmental issues but not to maximize the profit of shareholders.

2. Formulate policies, taking into account stakeholders and environ-mental protection in order to share and create shared values.

3. Maintain a high degree of transparency, provide financial statements from independent accountants, and pay taxes that are due.

4. Comply with govern-ment regulations. Report-ing must abide by accepted international standards, including reports with respect to public benefits.

5. Adhere to governance mechanisms and avoid conflicts of interest. The Board of Directors and external directors will all be accountable for stake-holder values.

6.Stewardship of surplus-es used to improve operations and expans-ion, as well as create an opportunity for return on investment to the share-holder.

7. Maintain efforts to develop self-sufficient,

sustainable expansion 

and innovation so as to have an impact on society.

8. Remain competitive but not by furthering one's own interests to the detriment or at the expense of the organiza-tion's interests.

9. Work closely with non-profit organizations, for-profit firms, and other social enterprises or public benefit companies to create opportunities for win-win outcomes.

10. Never forget our original intention to share our joy!