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Terra Treasures

A new beginning of “a perpetual plum-based economy”


The reconstruction of the area and the unemployment problems resulting from the “88 Typhoon” on August 8, 2009 have yet to be resolved. Most seriously affected is the small tribal village of Xiaolin, located in Kaohsiung County's Jiasian. This is Taiwan's plum district and the plum industry has been facing a slump in prices, so much so that large orchards have been idled. If the plum trees were cut en masse and there were to be a switch to another economically viable fruit or crop, the local ecology would face even more severe damage.



When combined with an ancient Japanese brewing process, Kaohsiung's large, natural and non-toxic supply of plums from its nearby mountains will result in a precious supply of ten-year-old: Aged Plum. As a social enterprise, developmental and marketing matters must also be taken into account, as well the high value-added plum sauces, jams, and cakes.

Not to be forgotten are the ventures that handle plum seasoning, which involve turning plums into a natural alkaline for concentrated juice, supplying foods, and catering to those who have a taste for healthy foods. Peripheral development around the redeveloped area will include tourism, leisure farms, aboriginal creative outlets, and small farmers' markets to attract tourists. During the construction of the “perpetual plum-based economic cycle,” prices will be raised, while employment opportunities will be created for the aboriginal people.

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